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My Sanctuary. My Horse. February 3, 2013

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When ever I come home from seeing the equine I have a sense of fulfilment. He seems to know how to act around me to bring out the best in our relationship. Whether sheer cheek is required to raise a laugh or  gentle nuzzles with warm breath to sooth my turmoil, he always knows what to do. Today he was on top form, how to take her mind off things he thinks…..I know I will be an utter goon, that will make her smile.

I felt like I was on a powerful machine today. His energy was high which was surprising as generally he is quite a lazy character. He was working round and under himself and really was enjoying the sights and sounds. He floated past some mares out in a field showing off and I felt like I was driving on Ice all control was gone and he was taking charge. They decided to charge about snorting only enhancing his exuberance. Once we regained control we headed back, and yes as usual I was smiling from ear to ear! No thoughts in my mind other than gushy affection for my pony. Expensive but totally worth it is horse therapy 🙂  and I need to ride MORE. Damn these dark nights. Damn what they do to my get up and go!!

Getting in the saddle is the hard bit when I feel low. Its like anything with depression effort is just what it is.. effort. Now I am back UP and my mood is generally GOOD, riding is back on the agenda. My poor lazy pony haha! This Summer he will not know what has hit him!

Nothing makes him happier than a hay net and a mint. He LIVES for food and cuddles. He does enjoy a good schooling session once he gets through his initial gym phobia and fittens up, but he would much rather be jumping. Hacking he loves the most, mainly as he is free to gallop about as fast as he can without a care in the world, bucking and farting his way along. He is not a difficult horse as far as horses go. He has simple requirements and doesn’t tend to over think things. The opposite to me!!

He is however courageous and bold, intelligent and curious. Traits we tend to overlap although bravery can falter with even the toughest of us and he still has a cow issue and I still cannot do heights. Nobody is perfect. I suppose I contributed a lot to what he is today. I have had him since he was a young colt and let him experience life to the full. My mum gifted him to me after she nurtured him in his first 18 months. He is now coming up for 6 years old. That was the last time I saw my mum around this period of handover. That is a strange tale best left for another day. Any who I should be proud of the pony I helped create. Proud of myself. He is more stable and functional than me on most days!! YEY another positive in life. I have the BEST pony in the WORLD.

I need his calm and tranquillity as much as he needs this from me. He keeps me in-line in many respects. Gets me out of bed every day. He is the reason I go without so much…….so he can have the best. I may not have the latest fashion trends, yard boots or flash car, but WE are happy and that is what is important. Material things really are not, even though they are lovely and we can all dream.